Face It. Elder Abuse Happens

Elder Abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes committed against older adults. Victims are often embarrassed, ashamed and feel that they have done something to deserve this type of treatment.

No one deserves to be mistreated. We all need to recognize abuse in whatever form it may take.

Who we are

The Wake County Elder Abuse Task Force was created in 2010 to educate and inform elderly and at-risk adults in the County about issues related to abuse. The Task Force is comprised of individuals who work in the areas of human services, social services, business and advocacy.

Let's Talk About It

The purpose of this web site is to provide information about Elder Abuse which will help Wake County citizens and elders to become educated about Elder Abuse so that they can recognize and report it. Elder abuse is not only an under-reported crime. Elder Abuse is also a 'hidden' crime where it is estimated that 90% of abusers are family members. So it is important for us all to "Talk About It" so that we can ultimately stop Elder Abuse.

Wake County Elder Abuse Goals

  • Inform the public about elder abuse and its effect on vulnerable adults.
  • Teach individuals of all ages what to do when they suspect or know abuse has occurred.
  • Advocate for these crimes to be taken seriously by being thoroughly investigated and prosecuted in a timely manner.
  • Eliminate and diminish biases against older and at-risk adults as crime victims.
  • Conduct training and serve as a key resource for information on the subject.
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